Pipe Dream™

Pipeline & Wastewater Inspection Robotics

Cost-effective, proprietary solutions that accurately identify infrastructure issues.

No need for expensive equipment or long-term capital investment. PIPE DREAM™ delivers unprecedented value by offering a new solution that can be tailored to customer needs.

  • Mainline sewer inspection for Cities and Municipalities, Rural Water Authorities, Engineers and Contractors
  • Small diameter pipes 6″-12″
  • 6” – 12” mainline inspection – NOW AVAILABLE!
  • 10” – 15” mainline inspection – COMING SOON!

PIPE DREAM™ is a low-cost inspection platform for small diameter pipe inspection. Weighing in at less than 10 lbs., Pipe Dream™ is a lightweight device, which is easy to operate, deploy and maintain. It streams real time HD video utilizing a full fisheye view, which can be translated into expedited sewer inspection reports.

With no need for power, Pipe Dream™ can be easily guided through the most remote areas of the underground infrastructure. It does not require large teams of operators or bulky equipment and will not disrupt local traffic. Pipe Dream™ represents a major advancement in inspection technologies! Its low cost and advanced technology features include AI-enhanced navigation and auto coding options for PACP/WRC reporting, all in a simple minimal tethered configuration.

Pipe Dream™ is the first sewer inspection platform available as a subscription service in the industry.

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