Edge AI is providing a way to allow Contractors who serve the Wastewater market to offer their clients a more affordable solution for mainline sewer inspection.

It’s called Pipe Dream™

Most methods of CCTV require a truck or van, onsite power and a long-term costly commitment. This equipment requires maintenance and repair which leads to additional cost and downtime. And, of course, in a few years, this equipment will not be the latest technology.

What if there was a way to significantly reduce the cost of CCTV without compromising the quality? And, what if it could be done with minimal disruption to traffic, in a safer way for operators and all of this in an environmentally friendly way? 


 It’s an Affordable Subscription Program

  • No major capital investment
  • Always have the latest technology and improvements – we’ll send you new releases automatically!
  • No down time with our rapid replacement support – if you have a problem with our camera, we’ll ship another!
  • No annual software license fees
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Budget Flexibility – choose the number of subscriptions per year based on the needs of the communities you serve.

It has a Small Footprint

  • Easily access easements and remote locations!
  • Minimize traffic disruption and associated costs

Flexible Usage

  • Use for live viewing only
  • Download and code the footage yourself
  • Have us code it for you – with full PACP report generation
  • Auto Engineer Reporting is available upon request

We’re GREEN!

  • No emissions, no truck necessary, no generator or inverter needed!


  • No manned entry means no confined space concerns.

Consider The Possibilities

Financial/Operational DemandsTypical CCTV EquipmentPipe Dream™
Initial Capital Investment$125k – $375kMinimal or Operating Budget
Annual Maintenance Fees$3k0
Annual Software Fees (office + truck)$27k0
FuelDiesel Truck/Inverter/GeneratorGas for Standard Vehicle
Vehicle InsuranceCommercial VehicleStandard Vehicle
Vehicle MaintenanceCommercial VehicleStandard Vehicle
Traffic Control Fees/PersonnelLarger Footprint = Increased CostMinimal
Cost of Downtime for repair/mtceJob Delays / Labor CostsRapid Replacement – 1 Day
Crew Size4 (average)2
SafetyConfined Space Cert/EquipmentNo Manned Entry
Easement/Remote AccessSpecial Equipment NeededYES
State of the Art TechnologyBecomes ObsoleteAutomatic New Releases

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