Cities & Municipalities

Most methods of CCTV require a truck or van, onsite power and a long-term costly commitment. This equipment requires maintenance and repair which leads to additional cost and downtime. And, of course, in a few years, this equipment will not be the latest technology.

What if you could significantly reduce the cost of CCTV for your community without compromising the quality? And, what if you could minimize the disruption to traffic, improve safety for your operators and do all of this in an environmentally friendly way? 

Edge AI’s Pipe Dream™ is different!

 It’s an Affordable Subscription Program

  • No major capital investment
  • Always have the latest technology and improvements – we’ll send you new releases automatically!
  • No down time with our rapid replacement support – if you have a problem with our camera, we’ll ship another!
  • No annual software license fees
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Budget Flexibility – choose the number of subscriptions per year based on annual project goals

It has a Small Footprint

  • Minimize traffic disruption and associated costs
  • Easily access easements and remote locations

Flexible Usage

  • Use for live viewing only
  • Download and code footage yourself
  • Have us code it for you – full PACP report generation

We’re GREEN!

  • No emissions, no truck necessary, no generator or inverter needed!


  • No manned entry means no confined space concerns.