Why Edge AI Solutions?


The equipment needed to inspect sewer pipes is expensive, requires multi-person, highly skilled crews and can be disruptive for neighborhoods and traffic.  Today’s aging infrastructure is everyone’s issue. Large cities, municipalities and rural communities alike are being tasked with finding the problems and remediating them. Each has their own distinct challenges and EdgeAi has specific solutions.


Cost-effective, proprietary solutions that accurately identify infrastructure issues and allow you to focus funds and effort on the fixing the problems.

  • no need for expensive equipment
  • it delivers unprecedented value by offering a new, game changing, solution.
  • We have engineering inspection experience, AI expertise and edge computing insight. They combine to cut costs, improve response times, accurately identify issues, and reduce bandwidth.


  • A cost-effective way to accurately inspect pipes.
  • A data-led approach that reveals the symptoms of failure and the consequence of failure so that remedial action can be taken before the situation ever occurs