Would you like to join the EdgeAI team?

Edge AI is a team of accomplished researchers, engineers, operations and business development professionals who have been instrumental in changing the landscape of Pittsburgh robotics with a proven global impact for over 2 decades. We have tackled some of the hardest problems that have faced numerous industries from transportation, construction, municipal maintenance and safety. We are committed to providing highly reliable and industry leading products and services that solve problems, improve productivity and challenge the way we all think about the future. We are looking for highly skilled, incredibly motivated individuals with depth of experience and a thirst to tackle the toughest challenges by solving the problems others have overlooked while improving the human condition.


  • High-quality individual and family medical plan. UPMC.
  • Flex work schedule
  • PTO 15 days 5 sick days & 11 company holidays
  • Competitive compensation packages
  • 401K (In process)
  • Paid parental leave